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Best for someone who is looking for a Ladakh trip in about 11 days and in a budget of about Rs. 16K.

Caution: Ladakh is not a hill station, it is another world.

This is a very detailed description of my trip to Ladakh that i went for in June 2011, one will know all one needs to know about planning a trip to Ladakh and what to expect there after reading this blog including contact numbers and other important information which is listed at the bottom of the article!

I will be honest, ever since I saw Lakshya, I knew I had to go to Ladakh. The sheer beauty of the place made me want to go there so badly. I had always wanted to go to Ladakh but knew that it will be kind of difficult in terms of planning and that it will be heavy on the pockets but I had no clue what I was up to until a March 2011, when I actually started planning.

I had always considered Ladakh as just another trip, like say a trip to Goa both in terms of the kind of preparation needed and the budget, I was wrong.

When I ran a casual research on Ladakh, I figured out that one needs deep pockets as well as a lot of time. Now here is my philosophy, in life, you will either have lots of money or lots of time, never both. I was facing the exact dilemma. I decided to address it. I decided that money can be arranged, ‘time’, at a future date might not be in our hands, and so I decided to go ahead with the trip.

The first issue was to get a good group, travelling to a place as exotic as Ladakh with the wrong set of people can be really taxing, so I made sure that I get a good set of friends to go with me. Since I am pursuing MBA and live in a hostel, finding the right set of friends who have their vacations just when I had mine was not such a problem. The problem, however, was that everyone said that they’ll go to Ladakh but only a handful, actually end up going. In fact we were, eventually, the only group of friends that actually made a trip to Ladakh.

We were 5 of us, 4 from my college [Devang, Krishnan, Dhawal & Me] and Avinash, who is close friend from school. I did the research. The initial budget was 10k to 12k, the time frame was 10 days. Since we were trying to find a balance, we tried to fit in the best possible itinerary in our time frame and budget.

There are only three ways in which you can reach Ladakh: Srinagar to Leh by road (425 KM), Manali to Leh by road (475 KM) and the third option is to fly down. We obviously could not fly due to the tight budget, the flight tickets from Delhi to Leh during the peak season costs somewhere in the range of 12K for a one way trip the cost will be considerably less if the tickets are booked well in advance. We chose Manali as it seemed more logical to go to Manali from Delhi than to go to Jammu from Chandigarh or Delhi. I spoke to various people, read lots of blogs, referred to lots of websites and came down to a final plan. The names of the same will be mentioned at the end of the blog for your reference.

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