Google Pixel 2: Hardware + Software + AI.

The smartphone industry has reached a stage where almost all high-end phones have the same specs and that is not going to change since anyone can add the specs to a device and put a $1000 price tag on it.

But then, how do you differentiate?

10 years ago Sapple-reinvents-the-phone--how-steve-jobs-launched-the-first-ever-iphone.jpgteve Jobs, did almost exactly what Google did today, except for 2 things:

1. Breakthrough hardware – iPhones then were far superior than any other phones in the market. Pixel is no where close to breakthrough hardware.

2. He combined Hardware & Software seamlessly to create an unparalleled experience but did not have the luxury of AI back then.

Today, Google positioned it’s offering as Hardware + Software + AI.

Apple X’s offering a few weeks ago was similar. They were struggling to communicate why they don’t have a breakthrough product but Google hit the nail on the head.

It is because a paradigm shift is taking place and most other phone makers are in the wrong race.



Pixel branding and marketing team, take a bow.

At this point, Google has better hardware, better software and way better AI than Apple.

The next revolution in phones is not going to be hardware, it is going to be AI and how well AI is integrated with hardware and software to make the smartphone experience genuinely smart.


5 Must Watch Recent Hollywood Movies

It has been a while since I wrote a blog and I feel it is only apt that I end this drought with another one about my favorite topic, Movies!

This is a followup to one of my previous blogs 15 Must Watch Hollywood MoviesHere, I have tried to capture 5 Hollywood Movies that released in the recent times that I believe deserves a watch.

Once again this is a list completely based on my personal preferences. However, any feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Even though I have included the IMDB link’s and IMDB ratings for the movie, they list is not based on IMDB’s rankings!

[In Alphabetic Order]

Captain Phillips [2013]Captain Phillips

Genre: Biography, Drama, Thriller

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10


Synopsis: The true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years.

Director: Paul Greengrass

Star Cast:  Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad Abdirahman

Tom Hanks as always delivers a stellar performance. The movie will keep you on the edge of your seat and is brilliantly directed. I looked it up on the internet after watching the movie and it is as close as it gets to the real story. This is a satellite picture of the real boat that was used during the hijacking.

Flight [2012]Flight

Genre: Drama, Thriller

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10


Synopsis: An airline pilot saves almost all his passengers on his malfunctioning airliner which eventually crashed, but an investigation into the accident reveals something troubling.

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Star Cast:  Denzel Washington, Nadine Velazquez, Don Cheadle

Denzel Washington delivers a cracker of a performance. The movie is primarily about the investigation that follows the crash and it is just brilliant, specially the last scene. No Spoilers!

Real Steel [2011]Real Steel

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

IMDB Rating: 7.1/10


Synopsis: Set in the near future, where robot boxing is a top sport, a struggling promoter feels he’s found a champion in a discarded robot. During his hopeful rise to the top, he discovers he has an 11-year-old son who wants to know his father.

Director: Shawn Levy

Star Cast:  Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, Dakota Goyo

The Rocky meets Transformers. This movie is epic simply because it brings old school boxing with new age robots. Since it is set in the near future, it seems believable and the fights are just insane. The movie has a good mix of emotions, action, sci-fi and pure entertainment.

Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden [2012] Seal Team Six: The Raid On Osama Bin Laden

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10


Synopsis: A group of Navy SEALs come to learn the identity of their target: Osama bin Laden.

Director: John Stockwell

Star Cast:  Cam Gigandet, Jenny Gabrielle, Anson Mount

Everyone has heard about Zero Dark Thirty but very few have heard of Seal Team Six. Seal Team Six is a TV Movie made by Nation Geographic. Unlike Zero Dark Thirty, which is slow and feels like a drag, Seal Team Six is slick, fast, real and really well shot. Seal Team Six primarily concentrates on the operation itself and not on the politics and the decision making behind the scenes.

Warrior [2011]Warrior

Genre: Drama, Sport

IMDB Rating: 8.2/10


Synopsis: The youngest son of an alcoholic former boxer returns home, where he’s trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament – a path that puts the fighter on a collision corner with his older brother.

Director: Gavin O’Connor

Star Cast:  Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte, Joel Edgerton

A marine who wants to win a boxing championship to pass on the winnings to his friend’s wife who dies in front of his eyes on the battlefield.

A professor who wants to win a boxing championship to pass on the winnings to his family and secure their future.

What happens when they come face to face and how the drama unfolds. One of the best movies in recent times. Watch out for Tom Hardy, he is the next 007.

Facebook > Is This It?

I first received an Invitation to join Facebook in the second half of 2006, just when we were getting used to Orkut. I joined it thinking it was a rip off of Orkut since Orkut had already become a rage in India by then. However, it did not take me too long to figure out that Facebook was actually the real deal and will soon change everything.

Facebook made networking so easy that people stopped speaking on phone, MSN and Chat Rooms went out of the window, Orkut become obsolete. Everybody was getting used to Facebook. Facebook had arrived. It took Facebook less than a year to become the preferred networking option.

Every person in the age group of 18-24 was on Facebook and that was Advantage Facebook. People were themselves on Facebook, they did not have to care about their uncles reading their posts and seeing their pictures. Everybody loved it. Youngsters spent hours just refreshing their home page, no one had been exposed to anything like this ever before. The future of communication was here.

However, how sustainable is Facebook?

Almost everything on the Internet that is not making a difference in people’s life or that can’t be replicated is a fad, Facebook is no different.  Just like it took Facebook, less than a year to wipe out all other previously used networking options on the Internet, something more powerful is going to come along and change everything all over again.  Is that not the Rule for anything on the Internet? There are exceptions though, Google, Microsoft, Apple are companies with too much content to be considered a fad, they have multiple products in multiple domains which prevents them from going out of business overnight. But Facebook is just one single product.

Facebook, needs to act Fast, Really Fast!

I personally feel that Facebook is already on its way out. People have options to be connected on the move now, they do not want to be stuck to a desktop or even a laptop for that matter. They have phones, really powerful phones. Facebook’s mistake is that it took Facebook ages to realize this opportunity and by that time Whatsapp and Blackberry with BBM had already capitalized on this market. Facebook still had enough fuel to outcast these  competitors with its strong 800+ Million Active Users but Facebook was just too lazy. Now Facebook is playing catch up and it still looks lethargic.

A Product Vs A Company

Facebook needs to diversify, create more products inside Facebook, just like Google did. Google saw an opportunity and created Android and look what Android did for Google but Facebook is still sticking to an App.  Google capitalized on the cell phone market big time with its Android, Facebook had the exact same opportunity but it failed to capitalize.

The problem is with the mindset; Facebook does not want to deviate from being a Social Networking Platform and will therefore always be a product and never a company. If Facebook chose to come out with an OS, it would have made a kill in the phone market but it stuck to its slow ways and now faces extinction.

Facebook for example is a competitor of Google+. For Google, Google+ is a product, for Facebook, Facebook is all it has. So if Google+ fails, Google will just forget about it and move on. But if Facebook fails, it is all over for Facebook. Facebook missed an awesome opportunity to enter the tele-communications market and that along with the lack of diversity is what is going to bring its downfall.

People check Facebook just because they are used to it, not because they enjoy it. In stark contrast, see people on Whatsapp throughout the day and you will see the share of mind and share of heart clearly deviated. Facebook already seems to have lost the battle.

Generations on FB:

Another thing that seems to have not gone Facebook’s way is people growing on Facebook. When we joined Facebook, it was a place for the young. Then these young people grew up and the ones who joined Facebook too early have now grown to say a 32-36 age bracket. Apart from these people started getting their parents and grand parents to join Facebook. Today, Facebook has teenagers, young adults, just married people, mid aged folks and their parents and grand parents.

Just like you would not want all generations of people in a nightclub, you would not want all generations on Facebook. Facebook used to be for the young. Today, it is for everyone. Facebook’s popularity is what is killing it.

Facebook needs to sit down and look at their strategy and see where they are headed. They need to redefine their goals and this time unlike last time, they need take the external environment into consideration. They need to figure out how they are going to reach these goals since at this point, they are left far behind in this race. They have changed the way the world communicates once; will they be able to do it again? Or was it just a fluke?

Great or Not?

Sachin Tendulkar has not contributed to a winning cause for India as often as important players of other nations.

Michael Schumacher won 92 grand prix races only because he was with Ferrari which was clearly a superior car.

Christiano Ronaldo is a good player but fails to perform in crucial matches.

Shah Rukh Khan’s movies work only because of the massive marketing involved.

How often has one come across criticism for greats like these even though they have proved themselves over and over again? Has it become a trend to blame the one who is on top? Is it fashionable to disagree with the common consensus and sound ‘different’?

This article ponders over just that.

Sachin Ramesh TendulkarImage
Sachin is now in his 23rd year in International Cricket. He has been instrumental in bringing Indian cricket to the level & popularity that it currently enjoys. Have we forgotten how we used to switch off our television sets in the 90s once Tendulkar got out simply because we did not expect India to win without Tendulkar?

Sachin is still equally instrumental in helping India win. The recently concluded World Cup 2011 stands testament to just that. Yes he has changed his game as and when was demanded by the team and has gone from being the nightmare smasher to the dependable sheet anchor but the opposition still fears him. The problem with Sachin is that he has set the bar so high that now, even if he finishes a series with an average of 35, he considered to be a failure. Most of us don’t realize that most teams in the world don’t have a single batsmen in their lineup with a career average of 35.

The latest criticism against him that baffles Imageme is that ‘India looses everytime Sachin scores a ton’. The guy has 100 tons in International Cricket and 54% of them have come in a winning cause, 22% have come when the match has been drawn/tied/no result and only 24% matches have been where India has lost even after Tendulkar scoring century. I wonder how that boils down to the conclusion of India losing every time Sachin scores a ton.

My argument is that it has become fashionable to target the poor chap who has given his life to Indian Cricket. Since he is so successful, he is always in the limelight and anyone who questions Sachin gets a share of that limelight. And our stupid media helps this even further. Remember Adam Gilchrist, Shoaib Akhtar & many more. All these people who are questioning his ability are no different.

People want to sound all smart & different when they disagree with the obvious and made comments against players like Sachin but the fact remains that Sachin Tendulkar is a gem that India should proud of and is.

Michael SchumacherImage

The biggest name in the world of Formula 1, a seven time world champion, and people say that the chap won races not because of his talent but only because he had a Ferrari which is faster than any other car on the grid.

People forget one very basic thing, relativity. Even if Schumi’s car was faster than the other cars (which by the way, I strongly disagree to), don’t forget that there was another Ferrari on the grid which was being driven by Felipe Massa. Can’t recall too many incidents where Massa beat Schumi. They had the same car didn’t they?

However, Ferrari was not the only fast car on the track, Renault, McLaren & Williams car were equally competitive and sometimes more. It was just that Schumacher was so flawless that he made sure that he was on the front grid every time the race started and he performed flawlessly in the qualifying to make sure he achieves that. Yes the car does make a difference but to give all the credit for his performance to his car is not justified.

Schumacher proved his worth in the driving seat over and over again and one amazing instance was his last race as a Formula 1 driver in the 2006 season where he started 10th on the starting grid but finished 4th. If he had another 10 Laps, he was on the podium and with a few more, he would have had the chequered flag.

That is Michael Schumacher.

Christiano RonaldoImage

Christiano Roanldo is yet another player who has delivered excellent performance over and over again but has been criticised as many times. I am not so well versed with Soccer and therefore I will not speak much on this subject. But, I feel, merely owing to his talent, capability and performance he should be given the due respect. His rivalry with Lionel Messi is well known and the fact that Ronaldo is looked down upon is simply because of his attitude is not acceptable when we are talking about performance. Yes, Messi is a great player but the moment someone names Ronaldo, one has to bring up Messi and start comparing. Both the players are greats and light years ahead of anyone else playing the game. The point however, is, that this fact needs to accepted!

Shah Rukh Khan:Image
The Badshaah of Bollywood, after delivering blockbusters after blockbusters especially since Darr, Baazigar, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil To Pagal Hai, Dil Se, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Main Hoon Naa, Om Shanti Om…his capability is still questioned.

Shah Rukh Khan once said that he can even romance a pillar. This is comment of his is probably the best example to come to the reason as to why he loved and why he is hated. He is loved because, he can actually do it, his eyes can speak. He does not need words. But the reason why people hate him is exactly that, the fact that he used the words. People probably already know that SRK can easily romance a pillar and make it believable but the fact that he says it, is why some of more modest section of the society do not approve of him…

Shah Rukh Khan came from a non-film background without any Godfather to help him make a mark in this industry. Shah Rukh Khan is a self made man who has been through a lot and has worked very hard to be where he is today. Such a person is allowed a certain level of pride, he allowed to not be modest about his achievements because he has had tough times in his life and he has overcome them to be No.1.

Shah Rukh Khan is not a method actor, he does not go into as much detail as Aamir Khan does but then that is like comparing Brett Lee and Sachin on bowling. Method acting was never SRK’s thing, he is a spontaneous actor, that is what he is good at. In fact he is spontaneous in everything it does from acting to giving interviews to hosting Award Functions. Now in the same way, it is wrong to compare Aamir and SRK on spontaneity.

Shah Rukh is also not a larger than life star the way Salman Khan is but he Salman can never Romance like SRK can. What I am trying to get to is that each one has his own trademark way of entertaining and no one and I mean no one can beat SRK when it come to romance. You may also dig into Hollywood, but Bollywood badly needs another Rahul because this one is nearing a half century.

Yes SRK markets his movies very aggressively but so does every producer. It is just that SRK happens to be the producer of his own movies.

I however also agree that SRK has made a few avoidable films in the recent past but I guess it is only a matter of time before he finds his genera again. Even Amitabh Bachchan did a Lal Baadshah before rediscovering himself.

ABCD aka AnyBody Can Dance > Movie Review


I generally write movie reviews on Fridays itself but this is different simply owing to the fact that it was quite a surprise!

I was almost going to miss this movie as it did not really gets my pulse racing with its promotions and the fact that it released with Special 26 which has a few very big names associated with it did not help the cause either.

However, the movie is excellent. In fact it is safe to say that it is the best movie of 2013 so far. Miles ahead of Race 2!!!

The movie is as good as any Hollywood movie as far the dance is concerned, the story is better than most Hollywood dance movies. Most of them practically have the same story line. The acting could have been better, specially Prabhudeva’s performance could have been a much better, in fact I feel even Kay Kay Menon who is otherwise amazing, also could not do justice to his character, but I guess it is fair to say that the movie is fairly experimental in the Indian context and it would have been difficult to get the bigger names on board even with a Powerhouse like UTV backing the movie. By the ways Kudos to UTV for supporting such fresh talent.

The dancers in the movie who are primarily contestants of the Dance Reality Show on Zee Dance India Dance are brilliant in their dance and surprisingly good in their acting too. They have their flaws as far as the acting is concerned, but they more than make up for it with their dance.

Trust me, it is a much better movie than most movies that are in the current 100 Crore club and deserves a watch. It is up to us the audience to decide the quality of entertainment that we want to be served in the future. If more movies like Race 2 and Son of Sardar enter the 100 Crore club, then more movies like them are going to get made and we will only have ourselves to blame.

The 3D, Lights, Cinematography, etc… are awesome. All in all, the movie is awesome as far as the technical aspects are concerned.

The movie has a lot of heart and some truly amazing sequences.

Trust me, do not miss this one. It deserves a watch in the theaters in 3D!!

Score: 4.25/5

2012 – Actually It Depends – The Blog – Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 13,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Movie Review – Skyfall

Excellent Casting – Yes

Superb Dialogues – Yes

Technically Sound – Yes

Great Performances – Yes

Exotic Locales – No

Multiple Adrenaline Pumping Chase Sequences – No

Bond Girls To Die For – No

A Larger Than Life Plot – No

Gadgets – No

Skyfall is an excellent movie but it is not a typical bond movie, if you can accept that fact and move on, you’ll love the movie or else you may have quite a lot of complains to make. Skyfall, unlike other Bond movies which are generally about larger than life super villains who are trying to paralyze the planet, is primarily about ‘M’. The movie focuses on her ability or the lack of it to head the MI6 operations and how both ‘M’ and ‘007’ need to look for succession planning. So much so that the villain, Silva played beautifully by Javier Bardem, is also primarily obsessed with making sure that ‘M’ is dead and MI6 destroyed. The movie is more about internal issues  of Mi6, ‘M’, ‘007’, ‘Silva’ and The British Government. It is definitely slimmer, meaner & darker.

The movie fails to enthrall the audiences like other Bond movies have due to the lack of multiple chase sequences which is a regular in bond films. There is one with which the movie opens and is without doubt awesome but don’t blame me if I expect more from a Bond film. The makers are the ones who got me hooked to it in the first place. The movie does not take you to exotic locations like other bond movies have done in the past. We’ve been to the North Pole, Russia, India, Korea, etc… in the past. I am sorry but i do not consider a crowded China street as exotic. The women fail to impress too. I mean look at the list Ursula Andress, Halle Berry, Barbara Bach, Denise Richards, Eva Green, etc… These women had meaty roles and added the glamour quotient just as easily but in Skyfall, the women appear to be, well, just eye candy! This movie, unlike all other bond films does not have a next-gen car to boast of either, instead it has an old Aston Martin that come to the rescue of M and Bond, which I kind of like as it goes back into the legacy of James Bond and Britain.

Now the good parts. The movie, otherwise, is a good watch. Judi Dench, Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes give excellent performances. Javier Bardem puts up an extremely impressive performance too but it is just that his character is not deep enough. It has not been explored enough. But he still manages to get a certain degree of madness into his role. Something that reminded me of ‘The Joker’ from the ‘The Dark Knight’.

The movie revisits Bond’s past rather fondly, specially, when 007 drives ‘M’ in that old Aston Martin. Technically the movie is excellent. A few camera angles are particularly outstanding. The movie appears fresh and more realistic but that is exactly where it goes against the flamboyant style of James Bond. Dialogues are good, a few of them particularly awesome, specially the one between ‘Q’ and ‘007’. The background score is awesome too. The title song ‘Skyfall’ performed bu Adele lives up to the brand name of Adele as well as 007. The movie also does have a artistic opening credits, something that the Bond movies are known for.

I would rate the movie 2.5 out of 5 and an extra 0.5 for the old world charm that this movie tries to visit so successfully. So, 3 out of 5 from me.

How to crack CAT

It is difficult to find a pattern as to how one should prepare for an exam like CAT which basically tests your aptitude, however, at the same time, required one to be extremely polished with their basics so as to be able to perform well.

I feel the ideal time to start preparing for CAT is approximately 6-8 months before the exam. One should ideally join a CAT tutorial so as to learn how to prepare for CAT as the approach to the exam is very different from other exams. Apart from accuracy, one has to make sure that maximum number of questions are answered within the stipulated time and the only way one can do that is, if one knows the correct approach.

Unlearn – Learn

The first three months of the preparation are the most important because that is the learning phase. This is the phase where the unlearning and the re-learning happens. This is the phase where one learns all the short cuts and all the approaches to an exam like CAT. I suggest one should put in a lot of hours in these three months and try and grasp as much as possible.


Then comes the implement phase where one needs to put all the learning to practice. We have learnt how to solve math a certain way and have done it over and over for almost a decade. Now when we try a new way of doing it, we need to practice it enough so as to make sure that the new method becomes the default. It should become part of your instinct. If you come across a multiple, you should instantly know the roundabout answer instead of calculating it. This is also the time when the Mock exams start, helping you practice. At this point the stress has to be on getting the approach right.


Now that the learning is done, one needs to now keep the focus on practice intact at the same time try and maximize scores. Do not concentrate on sectionals yet, concentrate on the overall score. Once you reach an overall score of your liking, then try and get the sectional score in place. This is important because unless you have a 95+ percentile score, the sectionals don’t even come into play because the institutes that look for sectionals do not take overall scores less than 95 percentile anyway.

The stress needs to keep reducing as time passes. Since CAT is not the kind of exam where you need to mug up and more like an exam where your instinct guides you at the same time the answers appear to you as you spot clues, your mind needs to be sharp and relaxed. One day before the exam, you can’t prepare for CAT, the preparation happens 6 months before the exam.

Now let us get to a few specifics and look at how students should look at CAT section wise.


In English, my expertise lies with Reading Comprehension. With RC, all one needs to do is to find out the answers to a few basic questions being: What is the theme of the RC? What is intention of the author behind writing the article? What is the Authors Opinion about the various issues mentioned in the article? Differentiate between the author’s opinions and your opinions?

In order to do this, I suggest one should go for two readings of the comprehension. The first time, read it really quick, you will not be able to retain much and will probably not remember 2 or 3 entire sentences but that is fine, all you need to do in this read is to understand the theme of the article. This is important because it is difficult to understand the theme of the article by reading the first two paragraphs the articles that are presented in CAT. For example, the first two paragraphs may talk about cricket but the article may actually be about capitalism. Now in the second read, go relatively slow. The advantage is that if you read an article after knowing the actual topic, you will understand the real meaning of what the author intends to put across. That way it will be easier for you to understand the intention of the author. Also do not look at the questions before the first read. You may or may not take a look at the questions after the first read. My advice: Look at the questions after the second read.


With math, there is a simple rule. There are shortcuts to all the questions asked. All one needs to be able to do is that when one looks at the questions the shortcut should occur to them at once. Attempt only the questions that you know the shortcuts to. To be able to make sure that shortcuts occur to you, you need to practice a lot before the exam. In case you don’t manage to do that during the exam, do not panic. All CAT papers have a few very simple questions, just scout for them and attempt those in the traditional way. If you can find around 5-6 and solve them with 100% accuracy in say 40 minutes time, your job is done. You will probably be very close to clearing the sectional cut off but you need to make up in the overall score in other sections. The same thing applies in LR/DI as well. Just that in LR/DI, be calm and solve the case lets. It is very important to be calm here is because it will take you about 15 minutes to solve one case let and you will not know if you are right until the 14th minute. Therefore, being calm will help you prevent making silly mistakes.

Another simple thing that one needs to keep in mind is that CAT is an MCQ exam, so you do not need to find the exact answers to the questions. All you need to do is be smart, sharp, use approximations and eliminate the wrong options to find the right ones.

Also as mentioned above, make sure you reduce the stress on your brain as and when you come close to you CAT exam. You may start with appearing for up to 3 mocks a week and keep reducing. Your last mock before CAT should be a week before you exam. And from that mock to your final exam, you should chill.

I hope this will help students who are appearing for CAT and trying to crack it. This article is based on whatever learning I had while I was preparing for CAT. They include expertise from form all the faculties who had helped me prepare for my CAT. And I am sure they did a great job because I achieved a 100% accuracy when I took CAT.

Review – Heroine

Kareena Kapoor gives a stellar performance. Kareena has been growing as an actor over the years and Heroine only proves that. Apart from that the movie boasts of a lot of other wonderful performances by Arjun Rampal, Randeep Hooda, Shahana Goswami, Divya Dutta & Ranvir Shorey. However the character actors are extremely poor  which also brings to light that Bhandarkar has traditionally not paid much attention to his Charachter actors. I mean, Page 3, Corporate, except Fashion, all his character actors were really poor at their job.

The story of the film is extremely bland and predictable. It has no dept at all. It seems that after Aishwarya walked out the film, the story was tweaked and in the process the nuances were lost. There is absolutely no attention to detail. The dubbing is flawed and is clearly visible, specially when character actors are speaking. The Music of the film is also not impressive. The much publicized song ‘Halkat Jawani’ is no where close to say a Sheela, Munni or a Chikni Chameli. The movie also lacks in scale, it does not appear like a big budget bollywood movie.

The movie is not as hard hitting or for that matter even as realistic as his previous outings have been. The movie uses cliches and cheap storytelling to take the story forward. The movie draws inspiration from various tabloids and gossips and just appears to be a glorification of the same.

The movie was avoidable but I would still give it a ‘Watchable’ rating, purely based on Kareena and the other mentioned actors’ performances.

Also Kareena looks extremely extremely pretty throughout the movie. A delight to watch.